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Financing National Systems of Protected Areas in the Caribbean

Monday, October 30, 2017
posted by Lloyd Gardner

Conservation theory and practice has evolved from simply maintaining the flow of natural resources for human consumption to incorporating the concept of sustainable use, even as economic pressures have increased the degradation and loss of natural resources and natural areas to the point of reaching ecological thresholds.  In this context, establishment of a system of protected areas has become one of the pillars of sustainable development strategies.

Urban Protected Areas in the Caribbean: Potential Role in Building Resilience of Urban Systems to Climate Change

Wednesday, April 22, 2015
posted by Lloyd Gardner

Introducing Urban Protected Areas
The defining feature of an Urban Protected Area is that it is located in close proximity to a large population centre. The Best Practice Protected Areas Guidelines (No. 22) describes urban protected areas in the following manner:
“Urban protected areas are protected areas situated in or at the edge of larger population centres. They meet IUCN’s definition of a protected area and can be in any of its six Management Categories. In governance terms, most of them are the responsibility of national, state or provincial, or local governments; others are managed by NGOs or businesses; and some are collaborative or community efforts. They do not include conventional urban parks with lawns, flowerbeds and sports fields” (Trzyna, 2014).

Understanding Connectivity Conservation in the Context of Social-Ecological Systems: Perspectives from the Caribbean

Sunday, January 11, 2015
posted by Lloyd Gardner

Maintenance of functional ecosystems is an increasingly difficult task, as the demand for space to carry out “development activities” degrades and fragments ecosystems. Not only are critical habitats for plants and animals degraded or lost, but critical ecosystem services (such as aquifer recharge, filtering water and air, reducing pest outbreaks, reducing flooding and erosion, maintaining productive soils, supporting fisheries, and providing food and medicines) are often severely impaired or lost.

Country Profiles

Reviews of country management systems
The Country Profile is a summary of protected areas programming that provides information on the national management framework, programmes and projects, relationship with economic sectors, and the linkages and responses to international environmental agreements. They also show how the benefits produced by a well-managed system of protected areas extend into communities and the national economy.

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reports on a range of protected areas topics
Parks Caribbean makes available reports on a range of protected areas topics, and may be focused on a particular site, a country, or may cover regional issues. This wealth of materials on protected areas policy and practice is used by policy makers, protected areas practitioners, students, and the general public.

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Site Profiles

Contribution to sustainable development
This section of the website promotes protected areas that demonstrate the triple bottom line of sustainable development; that is, sustained and inclusive economic growth, social development, and environmental protection. Submission of site profiles must follow the Guidelines provided by Parks Caribbean.

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