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The 2015-2020 protected areas development project in Trinidad and Tobago produced management plans for five sites, as well as several guide documents for processes such as communications, participatory planning, and trail development and maintenance.

Management Plans

Guideline Documents


The paper, titled “Impact of an invasive fern on bird diversity and birdwatching in a Jamaican Ramsar site“, is authored by Dr. Suzanne Davis, Senior Research Officer at the Jamaica Clearing-House Mechanism, Natural History Museum of Jamaica.


Abstract: Geospatial inventories of protected areas and information regarding additional conservation mechanisms that were established to protect natural resources are useful in evaluating conservation effectiveness and supporting conservation planning at broader scales. The lack of a single inventory and common terminology among stakeholders in Puerto Rico was identified as a major limitation in planning and monitoring conservation effectiveness across the island. This report describes the multiagency/organization effort to facilitate communication among managers and stakeholders of protected areas toward an integrated system for the conservation of natural and cultural resources in Puerto Rico.


Country Profiles

Reviews of country management systems

The Country Profile is a summary of protected areas programming that provides information on the national management framework, programmes and projects, relationship with economic sectors, and the linkages and responses to international environmental agreements. They also show how the benefits produced by a well-managed system of protected areas extend into communities and the national economy.

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reports on a range of protected areas topics

Parks Caribbean makes available reports on a range of protected areas topics, and may be focused on a particular site, a country, or may cover regional issues. This wealth of materials on protected areas policy and practice is used by policy makers, protected areas practitioners, students, and the general public.

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Protected Area News

Updates from the protected areas network
Parks Caribbean provides the most current information on protected areas programming in the Caribbean. Also included is global news of relevance to the Caribbean, and thought-provoking briefs and analyses prepared by our network of Members. Persons who wish to have protected areas news sent directly to their email addresses can subscribe to the Parks Caribbean news list.

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Parks and People

Contribution to sustainable development
This section of the website promotes protected areas that demonstrate the triple bottom line of sustainable development; that is, sustained and inclusive economic growth, social development, and environmental protection. Submission of site profiles must follow the Guidelines provided by Parks Caribbean.

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